Monday, August 5, 2013

Canda eh

Alright guys, Its almost that time to break away from your families and start your own adventure in the big world of college. Here goes nothing. Your time here will fly by. Its hard for me to believe I'm already a senior! I fly out to Canada at 5 AM tomorrow morning and then I will be at the good ole CN of U on August 12th. Then, I will just be waiting for you guys to arrive and get this party started. Hope yall are excited to come and be a part of a really big family. Ill be seeing ya soon. Enjoy your last little bit of summer vacation.
Deuces for just a little while longer.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I am currently back in America now and am working at AO (Appalachian Outreach), which is a mission outreach here in Jeff City that I am sure yall will come to know once you get up here to CNU. Looking forward to meeting you guys! Hope yall are getting ready to leave home and come to college. If you have half the fun that I have had here in my 3 years so far then you have made the right choice. This place is amazing and the relationships with people and professors is awesome! Cant wait to meet everyone, better get started on that packing guys.
Deuces for now

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fresh Beginnings

Hello Incoming Freshman. Congratz on your graduation you did it! Welcome to the big leagues. I'm currently in Africa, but cannot wait to get back to meet all you guys. Hope yall have a great summer, and I'll be seeing ya soon
Deuces for now,
Corbin Hedges